About Anthony

I am a freelance individual, focused on immersive and narrative experiences using creative technologies. I work with a great team of designers, developers, artists, and technicians, and I love to collaborate with other creative individuals.

I am driven by my passion, and I am highly regarded by my clients and peers.

Let's make something together.

Anthony Woodward
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Twin Planets can provide a number of services in-house
Submerse Digital Exhibition
Digital and Virtual Exhibitions

A Virtual Exhibition is a perfect way to exhibit your work and allow an audience to explore your work together online. It also enables the artist to be fully creative with the space they present their work in.

Volumetric Capture Virtual Exhibition
Performance and Reality Capture

Whether its Motion Capture, Volumetric Capture or 3D Scanning, I can take Real-World Events, People, Movement, and Objects and exhibit them in a Virtual Environment.

Volumetric Capture Virtual Exhibition
Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality

Twin Planets creates immersive experiences using Mixed Reality devices, whether it's an educational Augmented Reality experience, or a deep and personal Virtual Reality presented story.

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